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   Koli Festivals

Festivals of Koliwada:


Golfa Devi Jatra - The festival is celebrated by people of Worli Koliwada  once in a year, on full moon day of Paush month of Marathi Calendar.


Holi - A very important festival celebrated by the Kolis in the village of Koliwada. Holi is an auspicious and traditional festival loved by each and every one in the community. As per the Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated every year on the Falgun Shudha Purnima. Fire is considered holy in most religions and worshipping fire is the major part of the holi celebrations. The festival has its roots in the mythological story related to bhakta Prahlad and Hiranyakashapu. Bhakta Prahlada was an ardent devotee of Vishnu but this was disliked by his father. He ordered Holika to sit along with him in the fire so as to burn him but Holika got burnt instead. In order to show our obligation towards the fire God, fire is considered sacred and worshipped every year to celebrate Holi. From Falgun Shuddha Pratipada to Pournima 15 woodfires are ignited (called holis traditionally). With changing times this number has reduced significantly. The 14th Holi is known as ; Kombad Holi ; and is for children. Until the cock crows early in the morning, at around sunrise the people enjoy and celebrate the festivities. Newlyweds celebrate 15th Holi  by circumambulating (Pradakshina) with  coconuts and sugarcane sticks and making the offerings to the fire God.


Naarli Pournima: This is “The day” for kolis. As per traditions kolis know that after this day the wind strength and direction changes in favor of fishing. This is the day when kolis celebrate the kick off of new business season. This is the day when they pray to god sea and make puja of their boats and begins their fishing season. There are songs for this occession as..san aaila go narali punvecha...


Vetalache jevan or Bhoota che jevan : Vetal, Protector God of sea, village people offers navyadya (sweet, alcohol,vegetable, fish,chicken, mutton) to vetal god for there successful business and safety in sea.


People of worlikolwada also  also celebrate Mahashivratri, Christmas and Velankani festival.


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